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Technical Information
Power supply:

We adopt the MOSFET from a well established brand from USA called FAIRCHILD. We also source some components from Fujifilm in Japan, which are used widely within in the military.

PWM Control IC:
We import the PWM control IC from the brand ST in the USA to insure the high quality single-grade PFC circuit with high PF of >97%.

Electrolytic Capacitors:
The electrolytic capacitors are imported with original packaging from Rubycon brand in Japan. These have a working life of 20,000hrs+ with low impedance at high frequency and they are also resistant to high-temperatures.

Flat Transformer:
We use ER Series 100% completely isolated hi-tech transformers especially for T8 led tubes to insure safety. These transformers are small in size to work within our tubes and have a high-efficiency for high power output.

Over-Temperature Protection:
With our high quality components we ensure a high precision constant current up to ±1%. Our special designed circuit has an integrated over-temperature protection for the safety of all components. In case of over-heat, the power supply will temporarily shut down. This also ensures the integrated power supply is in full working order to keep the product reliable over the duration of its lifespan.

Structure and Frame:

The aluminium alloy tube body and PC cover are made from our new tooling designed by our highly skilled technicians within our engineering department. That bring the following advantages:

a). The design structure of aluminium body and PC cover make the 2 parts integrate properly for a seamless seal and fit. This means that the led tubes are stronger and of neater appearance are anti-shock and moisture resistant

b). We import the material for our PC covers from Teijin in Japan. Our durable PC covers ensure no shadowing and smooth transition of light. Our PC covers have a high transmission rate up to 94% for the transparent PC cover and 86% for the milky/frosted PC cover.

c). The end-caps are fixed with nickel plated solid copper pins for strength and durability and appearance.

d). The aluminium alloy body is made from a D shaped design. This is to ensure maximum heat-sink and anti-shock capabilities and also for strength to keep the led tubes in shape.

Light source:

a). We are one of only a few high quality suppliers that import high quality white Nichia LEDs for our LED products. The beam is softer and more acceptable for long term lighting for commercial, industrial and educational purposes where it is necessary to be under lighting for long time periods.

b). We also source the high power Epistar LED Chip with super grade brightness.

c).Both Nichia and Epistar LED light source are able to perform >100lm/w which is the best choice for indoor lighting projects.

New products :

a). We are developing a new LED fluorescent tubes with 240 degree beam angle. This new design will be able to completely replace the conventional fluorescent tube in all lighting arenas.

b). We have just developed and patented an LED fluorescent tube with the external power supply. It is more convenience and saves time in installation and replacing the conventional fluorescent tubes. The external power supply is more effective for heat-sinking and offers more stable quality. The heat from power supply and led lighting source do not affect each other that insure the long working lifespan and stable quality.

c). A dimmable LED fluorescent tube with adjustable lumens output. This will ensure the efficient use of lumens, electricity and energy.